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Auto Metal Pin and Box Fixing Machine (TYM-203M)

Auto Metal Pin and Box Fixing Machine (TYM-203M)


Auto metal pin and box fixing machine is capable of inserting and fixing pin and box for open-end zipper. Pin and box can be sent automatically to reduce the labor cost and increase efficiency.

Features of Open-end Pin and Box Fixing Equipment

1. Pin and box are sent, inserted and fixed automatically.
2. Pin block is compressed firstly, and then fixed well, at last, punched pin holes.
3. One machine is only suitable for one size.
4. Main electric components are from Japan, Germany, Taiwan, etc.

Advantages of Auto Metal Pin and Box Fixing Machine

1. Pin-box is level, deformation-free, which index of lateral strength test and holding strength of pull-off test is higher.
2. Scheduler: firstly, press pin and box on the zipper tape, then use punching pins to punch and fix. (Avoiding backside of pin and box to deformation and unevenness)
3. Punching pin is made from high quality material and it is durable.
4. Non-stop to add material is available.
5. Material-sending part can be adjusted individually.

Parameters of Auto Metal Pin and Box Fixing Machine

Model TYM-203M
Average Output 1200pcs/60cm/H
Power 1 HP
Voltage of open-end pin and box fixing equipment 3 Phase 380V
Frequency 50HZ
Dimension (L×W×H) 61cm × 56cm × 148cm
Net Weight 160 kg