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Nylon Close-end Zipper Machinery (Auto Line)


double polarizing gapping machine, bottom stop machine, slider mounting machine, double top stop machine and zigzag cutting machine. These machines work together to finish close-end nylon zippers.


1. Bottom stop is set by using aluminum stop wires. The automatic device helps to reduce the labor cost and increase efficiency.
2. Slider mounting mold can be used for sliders in different height of puller lock without adjusting hook and other parts.
3. The unlock part of the mold can be adjusted automatically and then balanced, which is suitable for special common and special puller.
4. Extra spare parts of each machine will be packed in tool box and sent together with machine when make delivery.


1.The automatic machines works in high efficiency, helping to save lots of labor source and cost, while the efficiency of semi-auto machine is lower than automatic one, but they are more easier to operate and maintenance.
2. Usually one worker can operate 3 to 4 automatic nylon close-end zipper machines at the same time, while semi-auto machines need one worker for each machine.
(The choice of automatic machine or semi-auto machine depends on customer’s actual situation.)

Flow Chart

Machines used

1.TYM-201A or TYM-201A2 2.TYM-216N 3.TYM-224N or TYM-224S
4.TYM-215N or TYM-231 5.TYM-211N