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Metal Open-end/Two Way Hit Side Zipper Machinery (Semi-auto Line)

  • Semi-auto Top Stop Machine (TYM-213M)
  • Semi-auto Top Stop Machine (TYM-213M)
    Semi-auto top stop machine is applied for cutting and fixing double top stops for metal zipper. Top stop are made of brass stop wires. Automatic machine is also available....
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gapping and stripping machine, auto film welding machine, semi-auto open-end T-cutting machine, semi-auto box setting machine, semi-auto pin setting machine, semi-auto two way left pin setting machine, semi-auto two way right pin setting machine and semi-auto top stop machine. These machines work together to finish side one-way and two-way open-end metal zippers.

Advantages of Metal Two Way Hit Side Zipper Machine

1. Easily wearing parts for replacement will be offered free of charge one year for automatic machine, half a year for semi-auto machine.
2. Extra spare parts of each machine will be packed in tool box and sent together with machine when make delivery.
3. CD, operation video and circuit diagram are about how to operate and maintain machine.
4. Most of our components use brands from Taiwan and Japan, such as AIRTAC, MINDMAN, DELTA, in order to ensure longevity and stability.
5. Overseas training can be provided.

Note of Semi-auto Metal Open-end Two Way Zipper Line

1. The automatic machines works in high efficiency, helping to save lots of labor source and cost, while the efficiency of semi-auto machine is lower than automatic one, but they are easier to operate and maintenance.
2. Usually one worker can operate 3 to 4 automatic machines at the same time, while semi-auto machines need one worker for each machine.
(The choice of automatic machine or semi-auto machine depends on customer’s actual situation.)

Flow Chart of Semi-auto Metal Open-end Two Way Zipper Line

Machines used for Semi-auto Metal Open-end Two Way Zipper Line in Tianyi

1.TYM-210M 2.TYM-205M 3.TYM-229M
4.TYM-227M 5.TYM-226M 6.TYM-218M
7.TYM-219M 8.TYM-213M