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Nylon Open-end Zipper Machinery (Auto Line)

  • Auto Double Polarizing Gapping Machine (TYM-201A)
  • Auto Double Polarizing Gapping Machine (TYM-201A)
    Auto double polarizing gapping machine is used for gapping and teeth cleaning for nylon zipper chain. The zipper length can be set as customer's requirement. Gapping machine with single teeth selection and marking function is available....
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  • Auto Ultrasonic Film Welding Machine (TYM-205N)
  • Auto Ultrasonic Film Welding Machine (TYM-205N)
    Auto ultrasonic film welding machine is designed to weld double films for nylon zipper after gapping. Fully auto device features easy operation and high stability, which can reduce your cost and workforce by 3 times....
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Double polarizing gapping machine, film welding machine, open-end punching machine, pin and box fixing machine, slider mounting machine, double top stop machine and open-end cutting machine work together to finish open-end nylon zippers.

Advantages of Auto Nylon Open-end Zipper Machinery

1. Ultrasonic film sealing adopts the newest automatic frequency technology.
2. The machine adopts touch screen and PLC numerical control, which is easy to operate.
3. Most of our components use brands from Taiwan and Japan, such as AIRTAC, MINDMAN, DELTA, in order to ensure longevity and stability.
4. Auto gapping and punching machine is fit for different sizes by changing molds.
5. The power amplify board uses integrated module, which reduce the malfunction of power tube.

Note of Auto Nylon Open-end Zipper Machinery

1.The auto nylon zipper production line works in high efficiency, helping to save lots of labor source and cost, while the efficiency of semi-auto machine is lower than automatic one, but they are more easier to operate and maintenance.
2. Usually one worker can operate 3 to 4 automatic machines at the same time, while semi-auto machines need one worker for each machine.
(The choice of automatic machine or semi-auto machine depends on customer’s actual situation.)

Flow Chart of Auto Nylon Open-end Zipper Machinery

Machines used for Auto Nylon Zipper Production Line in Tianyi

1.TYM-201A or TYM-201A2 2. TYM-205N 3.TYM-209N 4. TYM-203N
5.TYM-224N or TYM-224S 6. TYM-215N 7. TYM-220N