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Auto Slider Mounting Machine (TYM-224I)

Auto Slider Mounting Machine (TYM-224I)


Auto invisible slider mounting machine is used for capable of inserting sliders on zipper chains. Chain should be gapped before inserting sliders. Auto slider mounting equipment for two-way open-end zipper is also available.


1. One machine is only for one size.
2. Slider mold can be changed for sliders of different bottom sizes.
3. Locating system adopts active transmission device, which has bottom stop inducing function.
4. Auto invisible slider mounting machine can mount the sliders for both open-end and close-end zippers.
5. Main electric components use brands from Japan, Germany, Taiwan, etc.

Advantages of Auto Slider Mounting Equipment

1. Locating system can locate for zipper with or without bottom stop.
2. Locating system assure two sides zipper teeth joint together after mounting slider, which is special for zipper without bottom stop.
3. The sliders can be mounted accurately on zippers without making sliders damaged and deformed.
4. Slider mounting mold can be used for sliders in different height of puller lock without adjusting hook and other parts.
5. The unlock part of the mold can be adjusted automatically and then balanced, which is suitable for special common and special puller.

Parameters of Auto Invisible Slider Mounting Machine

Model TYM-224I
Average Output 2000pcs/20cm/H
Power 1 HP
Voltage of auto slider mounting equipment 3 Phase 380V
Frequency 50HZ
Dimension (L×W×H) 61cm × 56cm × 148cm
Net Weight 160kg