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Brass YG Zipper Slider Machines

Brass YG Zipper Slider Machines

  • Taiwan. Manufacturers of nylon, plastic, aluminum, brass, nickel, pvc, invisible and rhinestone zippers with sliders for each. Also offers a line of related machinery.
  • Taiwan. Manufacturer of plastic, nylon, and metal zippers and sliders. Also offers related equipment such as gapping, adhering, and hole punching machines.
  • Chian. Design and manufacture of machinery for weaving, knitting, braiding and crocheting of narrow fabrics. Also, production of lanyards and lanyard fittings, and zippers and sliders. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information. English and Chinese.
  • Taiwan. Manufacturers of zippers, sliders and zipper accessories for the clothing industry, from metal and plastic materials. [English, Chinese]
  • Turkey. Manufacturer of a variety of zippers, pullers, sliders and plating types. [Turkish, English]
  • Hong Kong. Produces metal, plastic, and nylon zippers and sliders. Offers customization of pullers. [English, Chinese]
  • Turkey. Manufacturer and exporter of delrin, nylon, metal and invisible zippers, sliders, and pullers.
  • Korea. Manufactures plastic and metallic zippers, sliders, and pulls. Includes a product search form, ordering information, and FAQs.
  • Korea. Manufacturers of plastic, polyester and metal zippers, sliders, and custom pullers for the garment industry. [English, Korean]
  • UK. Manufacturers of plastic and metallic zippers, sliders, and custom pullers.
  • Hong Kong. Manufacturer of polyester, plastic, and metallic zippers, sliders, and pullers. Customization available. Includes trade articles and contact information.
  • Taiwan. Manufacturer and exporter of zippers, sliders and pulls, buttons, buckles, fabrics, webbing, and lace for the bag and garment industry. Also offers related machinery. [English, Spanish]
  • USA. Wholesaler and distributor of metallic and plastic zippers, sliders and chains. Also hook and loop fasteners and card holders. Includes contact form and ordering information.
  • Manufactures and supplies zippers, develops labels, sliders, elastic tapes, hook and loop fasteners and satin tapes.
  • Wholesale dealers of garment and fashion apparel accessories including metallic buttons, sliders, zippers, elastic and buckles.
  • Maker of hand machined brass puzzles.
  • Manufacturer of a specialised asphalt cutting machine.
  • provides custom brass forgings.
  • Manufactures castings (brass and bronze) and foundry cores produced to specifications.
  • China. Exporters of needles, sliders, sinkers, solenoids, cams and guides for circular and flat bed knitting machinery. Also, spare parts for yarn dyeing and hydroextractor systems.
  • Brass YG Zipper Slider Equipment

    Brass YG Zipper Slider Auto Assembly Equipment

    Brass YG Zipper Slider Auto Assembly Machine

    Brass YG slider assembly machine can assemble YG zipper slider automatically, which features good stability and high quality.
    Brass YG Zipper Slider Machines